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Too Bad, Too Sad - Woolworthy - Blasted Into Ashes EP (CD)

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When you hear the violins you wonder, "what's this? This song is 9 minutes long and is simply amazing, amazing If you like your hardcore loud, fast, with floor punch breakdowns and screaming metal guitars then this is your CD. If you like your softer, emotional, heart-felt tunes that make you close your eyes and think of buttercups in a field on a warms summers day, then this is for you.

Of course the rest of the world can choose whether or not to lis- ten, which is its own way of helping to make history. Many of the people he writes about himself included died prema- ture, shabby deaths; many more lingered on through squalid lives of alcholism or drug addiction; the majority grew up, got jobs, and went back to a semi-normal existence.

But the Beat Generation lives on nonetheless. No more of this standardized, suburbanized, pre-packaged and commodified exis- tence.

As Oscar Wilde liked to say, life imitates art more than the other way around. A bright, shining lie, to borrow a phrase from one 60s historian, but face it: any social movement spawned by people who voluntarily went about in floral print bell- bottoms is hard to take seriously.

Negative here. So did boring old things like economics and technology and cultural geography, but I risk losing the point, which is that while the 60s social and political movements were undeniably important, most of what we know about them is wrong.

You can see how it works in politics: nobody believes what Bill Clinton says, but they like him anyway, because he tells it so well. All right, all right, you say, but fuck Bill Clinton, this is Hit List. When are you going to get to the punk stuff? Right about now The city was cracking down on people, busting them for lying or sitting on the sidewalk, drug dealing, probably even for bad attitudes.

Many old- time Berkeleyans were happy to see this, feeling that the city had become more of a shithole than even the legendarily tolerant ex-hip- pies could put up with. Others, needless to say, felt differently. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable places to live in America, and is awash with money, thanks to the economic boom of recent years. With Silicon Valley and its related technologies creating new millionaires every day, rents are going up far faster than punk rock kids on mini- mum wage jobs can hope to keep up with.

What it implies is that something formerly not a crime is now being made a crime. Not too many of us would be in favor of that, right? After all, what might they criminalize next, breathing?

What he means, though, is that police are enforcing laws, whether new or old, against certain behavior that the majority of the community finds objectionable. The words evoke images of Kosovo refugee children, helplessly looking on as their whole world is destroyed.

Is that kid over there a victim of abuse or a broken home or of the globalization of capital? Punks are sup- Is that kid over there a victim of abuse or a broken home or of the globalization of capital?

Something else was going on in Berkeley: the annual spring protest. Most of the steam has gone out of this in recent years, but for as long as 1 can remember, a bunch of UC students have occu- pied a building or rallied in Sproul Plaza in support of or opposition to one thing or another.

This year it was the turn of something called the Third World Liberation Front. The TWLF? The same bunch of dingbats and racists who had done their best to destroy higher education in the Bay Area 30 years ago? Well, not the same exact ones, but a reincarnation of same. And supporting them were some of the brightest and most idealistic students I knew. I want to blame it all on the past, or a misreading of the past, or a linguistic muddle that turns potentially meaningful rhetoric into misleading bafflegab.

Would you know what to do then? C0M F or the past three years, Pelado Records has been a name synonymous with taste and quality in punk rock! Pelado Records delivers the goods time and time again. The result: music with heart, power and energy. JR: After three years putting out records, your label has reached a point where your releases and bands are now getting a good deal of attention from the underground press. How has that critical acclaim translated into finan- cial success? Is it any easier to finance the label now than it was in ?

PG: Financial success? I still work 40 hours a week at a B. Do you think that bands like the Dimestore Haloes and the Prostitutes have made it easier for other punk bands to get their music out? There are enough people who know of Pelado Records and have good taste in music, and they can help spread the word.

Trust me, if I could I would do it full time — not for the working for someone else. JR: What do you see as your primary objective with Pelado Records? What keeps you in the business of putting out Punk records?

PG: My main objective is to let the punk fan hear bands that may not have been given a chance to put something out, so that no one knows who they are. A love for the music keeps me doing it, plus I get to meet a lot of cool people. It really is a com- munity, and for the most part people are very supportive of one another. I just love punk rock! JR: One point worth noting is that the genera! Bands like the U. Green Day, Offspring, and Blink JR: Looking back, how has the label worked out for you?

How have things turned out compared to the way you envisioned them originally? PG: To be honest I never had a game plan or vision. I just wanted to put out bands that I liked, get in contact with people who had similar taste in music and hopefully show that there are great bands out there.

I have always hoped to be able to do it full time one day and that is still a goal of mine. It may happen soon — mainly due to a baby com- ing rather than the label taking off. JR: A lot of people may not be aware of the various responsibilities that come with run- ning a label. Aside from the business of actu- ally getting the records pressed, what do you spend most of your time doing with the label?

When I get off my ass and send out a catalog, it can get busy. A lot of it is boring manual labor, but the cool part is seeing the records, getting them out to people and getting them to the bands. I do every- thing by myself. Junk is bigger than Pelado, but he does a lot of the same shitwork that I do. You want to know what the main thing I do is? Are most of them reliable?

How many of them pay you on time without you having to nag them? PG: Oh man! Luckily, Revolver — my best distributor — sells more than the others, so that helps. But they were the first to carry my stuff. I am very grateful for that, since they helped me get started. Also I should mention that Jim at Undeground Medicine — which is a mail order service — rules. That guy pays when he gets your stuff. Also, Alfred at Green Hell in Germany is very good. The mail orders are nor- mally the best bet.

When peo- ple ask me about starting a label I tell them that deal- ing with distribu- tors is the hardest part of the job, and warn them who to avoid.

JR: How big will your label have to get before it gets to be too much for one per- son to handle? How long can you keep it up? PG: I could use the help now. If I really want to make a go at it, I need help, I could have some- one making phone calls and sending faxes, fold- ing, labeling, etc. You know if you want to do a label full time you need people and money to get the label and bands out to the public. R: I know you are getting a lot of demos from bands, so there seems to be a lot of interest in classic punk rock.

What Is your kind of music still going to be popular 10 years from now? PG: I think punk that has roots will always be around. You need money to get product out there and advertise etc. Media is what can really make a label or band, since even in the underground punk scene the media have a lot of power. Maybe npt all of those styles together, but elements of one or the other.

R: Talk about some of the bands on your label that you are really excited about. I know you have a few new releases on the way. If a person has never heard any of your bands before, who should he or she check out on your label? PG: They should check out every band on my label! There will be a new Dimestore Haloes CD out by the time you read this. I want to urge people to judge them for themselves — not to listen to some of the B.

The mighty Prostitutes will be pissing off people on the East Coast again, thank God! JR: Where do you see this label headed now? Do you see yourself continuing along the same lines, or do you plan to evolve? Will you still be focusing on the old school punk underground in five years? PG: To the top, baby! I would not want to get out of touch with them like some people do! We are five years past the Punk Rock Explosion, so any- one looking to make some easy money off of punk is out of luck.

Is there enough interest from true believers to keep labels like Pelado in business? There are a few labels who are changing the style of bands they are sign- ing and starting a dead label back up again to jump on the bandwagon. Trends will come and go but there will always be a core group of people who love true punk rock or whatever the hell you want to call it.

For more info, etc. Gordon Solie-Foreian object to the face of hardcore! Wind and Out of Print. ES P. Power Pop? Either way It makes for one catchy as hell 7".

Straight up Clash Inspired Punk from real Brits. Libmrtfnm 7". Plus tons of shirts A more. Halo— CD S7. Haloes CD S8. AII others 7" SS. All Items ppd.

Stewart Home states in his punk memoir Cranked Up Really High that the bootleg 70' s punk comps are inherently elitist — i. That's all well and good, but notwithstanding the success of Green Day or Rancid, the proverbial neighbor never listened to punk rock, and punk record sales were always marginal. There may have been relative chart-success in the U. I think the people who buy 70's punk comps or 50's comps, 60's comps, what-have-you are the ones whose own music consumption is so excessive that they simply need more.

They own all the Damned albums or Dead Boys albums and they want to dig deep- er. Or, like the 60 's punk collectors, they have a hunch that the obscure one-shot artists were better, more pure, crazier, more interesting, easier to project onto or fantasize about than their bet- ter known counterparts.

The Keggs and the Novas vs. This in turn also has to do with the fact that the fandom sur- rounding obscure 70's punk 45 's consists mainly of people who weren't around at the time, even though it was only twenty years ago. Most of these 70's punk compilations were produced with an eye on the best compilations of 60's punk, like "Back From the Grave" or "Scum of the Earth", and I think that the best 70's punk comps stand the test of comparison.

Unlike the boom of 60's punk compilations in the early to mid's, the 70's punk compilations have suffered some- what from the fact that nowhere near the same amount of punk rock records from the 's exist. For every punk rock 7" there are at least a hundred teen garage 45's, which accounts in part for the decline in quality of the 70's punk bootlegs in the past year or two. There are still exceptions to the punk boot quality decline, though.

These regionalized albums give me the biggest thrill, and the greatest sense of wonder. Punk rock wasn't a mainstream thing until the 's, and the bands all over the world who released these now cherished 45's were, for the most part, outsiders?

That these musi- cians persevered to the point of releasing a record themselves, or at least of allowing a local yokel venture capitalist to release a record for them, is a goddamn miracle. And that these records have since been hoarded by salivating collectors and booted on compilation albums is a very good thing.

We're talking about unheard music and untold stories here. What I hope is going to happen with the internet and web searches and phone book CD-ROM's and all that are that more records along the line of "Deep in the Throat of Texas" will come along. Notwithstanding the great music, reading sleeve notes that actually have something to say about the bands and seeing their photos is to me a giant step away from stamp collecting and toward actual musicology, as pretentious as that may sound.

Whether Joe Punker with his box of triple-bagged near mint rarities likes it or not, the do-it-yourself aspects of the 70 's punk scene — bands recording, designing and distributing their own records — is an example of folk art, and the sick crude bashing of Dirtshit, Glo, or the Teenage PhD's is folk music.

I hope that the next thing we see is actual interviews with these bands, or perhaps more compilations along the lines of "KBD 13", featuring bands that didn't even reach the vinyl stage. However we look at it, there is a scholarly element to collecting, and there's nothing wrong with that. I frequently look over Chuck Warner's old catalogues, and am struck by his brilliant, knowledgable approach to all these records we like so much.

We all probably collect records for reasons that aren't particu- larly healthy. I think collecting music is a great and honorable thing, but the relentless hoarding of "rarities" even though one man's trash is another man's rarity is probably neurotic by its very nature.

Not a severe neu- rosis or anything, but a means to drag this big scary ol' world down to a graspable level: a collec- tion, the finest collection of small label punk 45's in Yokohama.

Or Stockholm. Or New York City. All in "near mint" condition, natch. I'd say that a big chunk of mankind does this, whether it involves Star Wars action figures or pre-Raphaelite paintings. Or pissed-off antisocial rants pressed on seven inches of black vinyl with a crumbling, poorly-xeroxed sleeve. Collecting is fun, these records are amazing, and poor indeed is the person who never gets to hear them — almost as poor as the person who spends the scratch for original copies of the discs instead of getting them on the cheap comps, tr - Johan Kugelberg uglythings znet.

So get more bang for your buck! We have everything no one else has!!! As a woman to whom nice sex is extremely important I have in the past felt miserably limited in my choice of sexual part- ners. After all, until now society has decreed through its myths, religions and, more recently, T. The human variety may still be an option for some, but have you ever tried to fill a black hole with cocktail franks? Apparently, Mr. Mini-Wheats has joined the jetsetting, muffdiving ranks of Spuds Mackenzie and the Parrot with the cell-phone.

A choice not only to date who they want but what they want! What about the lesbians? Come on, we all know that girl-on-girl action exists only to facilitate a classic male sexual fantasy, and then like biodegradable foam peanuts it melts away with a splash of warm sea-monkey juice!

We, as women, should be grateful for this turn towards grain- conscious sexuality. It truly indicates the dawn of a new era! We now have the ability to accept advances not only from dirty old men with deep-pockets or well-hung celebrity pooches with hydrant-shaped swimming pools!

Yes, ladies, doors are definitely opening for us! Think of the competition among those beleaguered ancient Greek beauties. So many of them lounging about in diaphanous gowns waiting with their legs in 1 air, hoping against hope that Zeus might appear, just this once in the shape of a froot loop instead of a dumb swan!

Needless to say their chances were slim. So what if another absurd, demean- ing, sexual scenario has been foisted upon us by an idiotic ad campaign.

Somewhere out there, a hideous slurping anomaly of a man with a little change in his pocket is feeling just fine about his chances of getting the local hoochie mama, knowing full well that all women really want is money and power. If Mr. Mini Wheats can get the girl, why not him? Just give me plenty of milk and a silver spoon to stick down my throat so I can throw up. Science fiction fans take heart! Thanks to George Lucas the vagina can boldly go where no twat has gone before!

I recently saw a commer- cial which promotes the glories of interstellar union! I guess Rich Little is the loneliest man on earth. Box P7B 6P9 eweller tbaytel. COM www. This is their newest release.

It contains songs from various seven-inch splits, compilations, and from Coolidge Records' seven-inch releases. This lasts for 50 rounds plus the victims level. If the victim fails the band then attacks with hand-to-hand. Plow United is very freindly with all people who love music.

Bombs Knapsack, -1 6-, Guttermouth Custom Made. When 1 received my copy of Hit List 3 yesterday, I immediately turned to the letters section to see if the C. Unfortunately, Jeff only printed one anti-C. As letters go, it was a piss poor attack upon the C. First off, if the C. The C. I guess the early summer heat has dri- ven most people outdoors away from their typewriters. Some are bald head- ed A few look like they could work at banks. There are Jewish C. How about my wife?

When we started our band out in Oregon in , we too took a lot of shit from guys wearing cowboy hats, boots, and logging apparel. We were playing music that sounded like a total fucking racket to them. The fact that some of them taunted and threatened us in clubs or on the street never made us assume that we should hate EVERYBODY wearing cow- boy hats or flannel shirts— or that they were automatically going to hate us. What the hell, styles change.

Who can figure out a turnabout like that? How could you test their intelligence dur- ing a streetfight? How do you know they ALL lived in trailers? Do you also believe that all Jews are miserly? Do you believe that all black people love to eat watermelon? Do you believe that all Hispanics are in gangs? Listen to what he has to say without prejudging him. But you may learn to your surprise that he hates his boss as much, if not more, than you hate yours.

Of course Garth Brooks sucks. His fan base lies among the really square, non-drinking rural people. Educate yourself with a Hank Williams record or tape.

Hank was a nihilistic wild man who wrote brutally honest songs that any punk rocker should be able to at least appreciate, if not enjoy. I played in the same band then as I do now I had more money to buy better guitars back then. These truths are invaluable.

They will save you a lot of trouble and hard- ship throughout the course of your life. Memorize them! If you choose to read on, realize that you are morally obligated to send me a sixpack of cheap local beer or a pint of whiskey for educating you. This rule applies almost every- where in the U. Why should they? One time I was sitting in a cop bar filled with Italian cops here in Philly. In walks a goddamned Deadhead tie-dyed T-shirt wearing hippie off of the street.

The dumbass ordered a beer and then, totally oblivious to the realities of the situation, walked over to the jukebox and popped in a handful of quarters. Of course, when the jukebox began blaring out the first song, everybody in the bar began screaming at the stu- pid fuck and the bartender then ejected him from the bar. The human race is a cruel, rotten species. Every year they will grow older, squarer and more vulnerable..

In the meantime, start drinking on a daily basis. The bottle CAN help if you only give it a chance. And you know what? Why should you expect them to? In return I expect to see a few sixpacks in the mail. But the Intruders are just the lat- est addition to Marky's formidable rock 'n ' roll resume. While he is best known for his 15 years and 12 albums with the Ramones, Marky's career actually stretches back more than two decades. He then joined Richard Hell's Voidoids and recorded the seminal punk album "Blank Generation" with them in 19 77 - The following year, he was recruited by the Ramones to replace original drummer Tommy Ramone, who wanted to focus on producing rather than playing music.

These days, most of the Ramones are play- ing in their own separate bands, but so far the Intruders are the truest to the Ramones' raw original sound. Sure, there are a few differ- ences-the Intruders have a finger-picking bassist, and you might even hear a guitar solo now and then. But for now, the Intruders are carrying the flame that the demise of the Ramones almost extinguished.

Having been constantly on the road for the past three years, the Intruders have played all around the world, but prior to their recent tour with Sloppy Seconds they had never played in the Northwest.

I waited until the Ramones broke up to do anything. I thought it was very disrespectful for Joey and C. The Basement II Itsy Bitsy II Fantasy Horror Mystery. Kandisha Crime Fantasy Horror.

Eternal Code Action Crime Thriller. Feral Action Drama Horror. Danger One Action Comedy Crime. Mirageman A club bouncer with a dark past and great fighting skills decides to become a superhero. Love in Kilnerry Bad Apples Jarhead: Law of Return Video Action Drama War. Edit Storyline With an honest job and a loving wife, Nick Brenner believed he had safely escaped his violent, criminal history.

Edit Did You Know? User Reviews Not sure what to make of it 19 July by whitemanfromtowne — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: 98 min. Monday 13 January Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 15 January Thursday 16 January Friday 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January Monday 20 January Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 22 January Thursday 23 January Friday 24 January Saturday 25 January Sunday 26 January Monday 27 January Tuesday 28 January Wednesday 29 January Thursday 30 January Friday 31 January Saturday 1 February Sunday 2 February Monday 3 February Tuesday 4 February Wednesday 5 February Thursday 6 February Friday 7 February Saturday 8 February Sunday 9 February Monday 10 February Tuesday 11 February Wednesday 12 February Thursday 13 February Friday 14 February Saturday 15 February Sunday 16 February Monday 17 February Tuesday 18 February Wednesday 19 February Thursday 20 February Friday 21 February Saturday 22 February Sunday 23 February Monday 24 February Tuesday 25 February Wednesday 26 February Thursday 27 February Friday 28 February Saturday 29 February Sunday 1 March Monday 2 March Tuesday 3 March Wednesday 4 March Thursday 5 March Friday 6 March

Tracklist with lyrics of the album TOO BAD YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL [] of From Autumn To Ashes: Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess - Cherry Kiss - Chloroform Perfume.

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  6. Too Bad Too Sad By Woolworthy. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Too Bad Too Sad. Featured on Recycler. More by Woolworthy. Woolworthy. Sweet Second Place. Blasted Into Ashes. More Woolworthy. Listen to Woolworthy now. Listen to Woolworthy in full in the Spotify app.
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