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Slave To Routine - The Ropey Shags - Bombs And Food (CD)

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From there, she proceeded by train to New York and reunited with family members. Joe asks if she's sure she doesn't want him to drive her the rest of the way, he really doesn't mind. Vanessa says 'Oh, no, honey! That's so sweet, but you have a lot of work to get done. I'll be OK, it's just a few more blocks to walk from here. In any case, she says, she doesn't know how long this meeting is going to last so he probably shouldn't wait up for her.

He should go out for a bit, have some fun with the boys. Joe is disappointed, saying that his son, Danny, is coming for dinner that night. Vanessa gasps, saying that she can't believe she's going to miss Danny again! Joe sighs and says it's okay and that she'll just have to meet him next time. Joe leans over for a kiss after wishing her good luck for the day, but she steps out of the car without acknowledging him.

From a wide flat perspective outside the passenger's side of the car, we see Vanessa step out of the car and close the door. Elegant and purposeful, she slowly walks towards the camera.

As the car pulls away, Vanessa looks back for a moment, then forward again, looking straight towards or past the camera. With a subtle smile, she continues walking, and as she gets closer we clearly see her hold her hand out in front of her and remove her wedding ring from her finger. A young male teenager Dustin Daring answers the door. She looks him up and down, and says 'You must be Danny,' before nonchalantly walking past him into the house.

He closes the door behind him, then takes a picture with her since his friends would never believe he's getting with such a hot piece. She asks if he's 18, and he says yes - he points back out of the room and says he can show her his license if she doesn't believe him.

She says no, it's fine, she believes him. She stands in the hallway but with a nosey curiosity starts looking around through the open areas of the house. She says it's a pretty nice place, and asks if it's his parents' house. The teen says no, he doesn't live with his parents, he's renting it with some roommates. They're not home right now. She tells him he doesn't need to call her anything, they're just here to have some fun and then she'll never see him again.

They go into his bedroom and she pushes him to the bed. She begins taking off her heels and he asks if it's the first time she ever used the dating site. He says that it is for him, though his buddy uses the website and ended up with a married woman!

She's not married, is she? Vanessa says that it's complicated. Danny is worried about what her husband will think. She says he doesn't know about it, it's better for a marriage to have a couple of secrets. The teen corrects her, better for her, she means. She rolls her eyes, what does he care?

He's the one fucking a married woman, so he can cool it with the ethics lesson. Is he going to fuck her or not? Vanessa is shocked as she sees a family picture of Danny and Joe on the shelf, putting two and two together.

She tells Danny that this isn't what it seems and that he can't possibly understand! Danny tells her that he's going to send the picture of them to his dad so that he can see how big of a whore she is, going around to young strange men's houses discreetly behind his back. Vanessa tries to bargain with and seduce him, telling Danny that she sees what this is -- he just wants to fuck his step-mother.

He tells her that she's pathetic, but that she'd better get down on her knees and suck his dick. Vanessa, never wanting that picture to see the light of day, slowly sinks down to her knees as the cougar becomes prey to the catfish. It's always been his fantasy; to see his beautiful wife being ravaged by another man right in front of him, and she will do anything to turn him on and make him happy.

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They haven't seen each other in a long time and are enjoying catching up. Talk turns to Christie and her husband, India's brother. Christie mentions that her husband's always so busy at work, he never seems to find time for her anymore. Even on bigger occasions like this first family visit since they moved, he couldn't even spare the time to come. India sympathizes and says that that's the way her brother has always been. Eager to cheer her aunt up, Adriana suggests that Christie have a slumber party in her room tonight, but when India hears this, she kicks Adriana under the table.

Wouldn't Christie be more comfortable in the guest room? Three women in one bed might be a little Christie doesn't mind. After all, the more the merrier! Soon India announces that it's time for dessert and starts to clear the dishes - she asks if Adriana can help her carry the plates to the kitchen. Adriana does so, and when she gets into the kitchen she tells her step-mom to cut it out or Christie will catch them.

If Christie finds out she'll freak out and who knows what will happen then?! India teases and gropes Adriana, telling her that she just can't help herself. She pulls in Adriana for a deep passionate kiss, that gets interrupted when Christie calls from the other room asking if they need any help in the kitchen.

A few moments later, India re-enters carrying a plate of desserts. The women go back to eating and chatting. India drops her napkin, pretending it was an accident. She goes under the table to pick it up, and while down there buries her face straight between Adriana's legs.

Adriana gasps as India licks her pussy. Christie asks Adriana if anything's wrong. Just then, India emerges back from under the table with a mischievous smile.

The aunt remarks that the dessert is delicious, and India coyly says that Christie has no idea as she wipes her face with her napkin. Later that night, the three women snuggle up under the covers to get some shuteye. India apologizes that they only have one bed for the three of them - Adriana's bed broke a couple of weeks ago and they haven't been able to replace it yet. Christie is puzzled.

Adriana's bed broke? How did that happen? India and Adriana exchange a look and Adriana nervously lies that she was jumping on it. The aunt says she doesn't mind sharing a bed, they're all family after all, and they turn off the lights. It doesn't take long for Christie to begin snoring softly, but Adriana lies wide awake as India opens her eyes and turns to look at her step-daughter lustily.

India's hand reaches out and starts caressing her step-daughter's pussy. At first her step-daughter whispers to her mom asking what she's doing, with India's sister-in-law right beside them?! But soon, she is lost in the pleasure of India's fingers. As India sensually works Adriana's little clit, Adriana can't help but moan. Suddenly, Christie stirs. Adriana panics, making both of them freeze in place until they're sure Christie is still snoozing. But it gets harder and harder to keep quiet as their lust and pleasure mounts.

Finally, Adriana can't hold back any longer and cums, gasping loudly. India tries to stifle it, but it's too late. Christie groggily wakes up and asks what that noise was, only to look over and see what the two are doing. Christie can't believe what she's seeing. It's disgusting, and what's worse is that they did it right in front of her. India points out that they're just spending quality time together. In fact, India was hoping Christie might want to join them. Christie is offended at her suggestion, even if she could get past the whole family thing, she's straight.

But didn't Christie say earlier that her husband doesn't find time for her anymore? That must get lonely, India comments, adding that Christie must have some needs that aren't being fulfilled. Adriana says that Christie needs someone to take care of her needs, and who better than her family to help her in her time of need? India starts caressing Christie gently and it doesn't take long for Christie's misgivings to fall away.

Adriana removes her aunt's bra and she and India begin to lick Christie's swelling tits. India and Adriana are about to show Aunt Christie the real meaning of quality family time Frustrated and uptight in her day to day life, Julia Ann makes an appointment with hypnotherapist India Summer to get to the bottom of her issues. India guides Julia to a meditative state and is surprised to find that Julia's dominant side comes out to play! Julia takes India over her knee, lifts her skirt, and starts spanking her perfect ass.

India is unsure what to make of these new developments but she soon gets hot under Julia's spell! Julia places binder clips on India's nipples and slips her fingers into India's pink wet pussy.

India gasps as Julia licks her clit while ruthlessly fingering her cunt, ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her. Next, India is tied in doggy with a metal anal hook in her tight little asshole. Julia flogs India's back and ass, before toying with India's sensitive feet.

India loves the feeling of the flogger on her ass and soon gets to pleasure her client. She licks and sucks Julia's pussy and ass as Julia cums all over her slutty therapist's face. Finally, India is in metal bondage and Julia straps on a thick fat cock to plow Julia's pussy.

Julia whimpers behind her ball gag, as Julia fucks her cunt and threatens her with the zapper. Each thrust pushes Julia's cock deeper and deeper into India. After India cums hard, Julia turns her sights to her therapist's ass.

India groans as her ass swallows Julia's thick strap-on. She begs to cum as her ass gets plowed first in missionary and then in doggy. Julia grabs India's ponytail, holding her slut in place while she gives her a deep hard fucking. India can't stop cumming and Julia doesn't want her to. She pulls her cock out and maneuvers them into scissoring, and they both cum hard all over each other. Troublemaker Karlee Grey is taking her time getting dressed and preparing for a meeting with her professor, Kalina Ryu.

She is interrupted by her step-mother, India Summer, who isn't thrilled about the meeting or her step-daughter's attitude. India can't understand why Karlee isn't taking her education seriously. All Karlee needs to do is graduate and go to college, and India's life will be that much easier. While there's the usual, like showing up late for class, Karlee is also in trouble because she thinks it's okay to lock lips with a fellow classmate in the middle of lessons!

Karlee figures she's going to get off easy since her mother knows and has worked with her professor before, but gets a rude awakening when India tells her that she's not bailing her out. It's time for Karlee to take responsibility and face the consequences of her actions. Once the mother and daughter duo arrive at Kalina's household, the atmosphere is tense, and there's no missing the bad blood between India and Kalina. Despite having told Karlee that she's not going to cover for her, India's motherly instincts kick in as she tries to win Kalina over to prevent Karlee from being flunked.

However, it backfires on her when Kalina reveals a scandalous secret about them, which takes both India and Karlee by surprise. It's then that the sexy professor proposes an ultimatum. If Karlee has any hope of passing Kalina's class, both she and India will have to set aside their differences and work together to rock Kalina's world.

Dean of student affairs India Summer has her hands full with bratty, troubled socialite student Emily Willis. Emily wants special treatment, and is willing to do just about anything to get it. Sexy all-natural MILF India knows hot lesbian sex with adorable, all natural teen Emily is a bad idea, but can't deny her lust any more.

India begins making out with Emily on a desk before both ladies throbbing wet cunts demand multiple orgasms. This is one student affair that India may need to pay close personal attention to. No description available at the moment. Please check back soon. Massaging India's big tits as he fingers her wet pussy until she's squirting all over the floor is but the first step in her sexual awakening. But once his thick cock is out in the open, India needs to feel it inside her mouth, licking is, sucking it, toying with it all while Keiran continues to pleasure her with his hands.

But enough is enough! This blonde beauty starts deepthroating Keiran's cock to the balls because the only thing she wants in this plane of existence is to have her pussy filled and pounded by that massive dick! Remember shooting spitballs at the blackboard back in high school?

Me neither, but these two khaki wearing guys are heavy into the spitballing game. That must be why they got detention. Lucky for them, it is with their hot teacher, India Summer. She has some rules, the most important being do not bother her. They cannot seem to follow those simple directions, which gets them on Ms. Summers bad side. As punishment, she makes one of her students take off his pants.

She is impressed by his sizable wood, and proceeds to fondle this young stud into a fully erect frenzy. Her other student pretends to sleep at his desk while filming Ms. Summer slurp and gobble that curvey cock. Then, she gets down on the floor and takes that meaty meter stick from behind. Her pantyhose stays on while she gets dicked down by her student until he delivers his dissertation into her eager mouth. How did your high school experience compare?

Reagan Foxx is at home reading a book when she gets a knock at the door. Amilia has been caught spray-painting the school. Reagan assures India that she'll ground her stepdaughter and make sure she never does it again. The thing is, this is the second time India has arrested her and it's pretty clear that grounding her is not going to cut it. Reagan retorts that perhaps she could take her phone away and see if that works but India says that's not good enough either.

She asks Reagan bluntly if she's ever considered spanking her daughter, Reagan says she's way too old for that. India isn't so sure and tells Reagan to pull Amilia's pants down and give her ass a good slapping. Reagan refuses at first until India tells her it's either that or she's dragging Amilia to jail. When Amilia lies down on Reagan's knees, she lightly spanks her behind.

India reminds her that she asked for some skin and tells her to take off Amilia's jeans. India is reluctant to spank her stepdaughter but the more India protests, the harder her hands come down.

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