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Licorne II - Foehn (2) - Faëria (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Darul View Profile View Posts. Faeria soundtrack is a peaceful and beautiful atmospheric score, but time flies, and I doubt they will release it one day. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 4 May, pm. Suffise, that I haue done my dew in place. Behold, who list, both one and other in this place. Full liuely is the semblaunt, though the substance dead. So talked they, the whiles They wasted had much way, and measurd many miles. Who gently answered, They entrance did desire. Sterne was their looke, like wild amazed steares, Staring with hollow eyes, and stiffe vpstanding heares.

Liues any, that you hath thus ill apaid? Or doen you loue, or doen you lacke your will? What euer be the cause, it sure beseemes you ill. Great wonder had the knight, to see the mayd So straungely passioned, and to her gently sayd,. She is the fountaine of your modestee; You shamefast are, but Shamefastnesse it selfe is shee.

Vp to a stately Turret she them brought, Ascending by ten steps of Alablaster wrought. O who can tell the prayses of that makers might! These three in these three roomes did sundry dwell, And counselled faire Alma , how to gouerne well. Hiding In Waiting. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Licorne I.

Licorne II. Tadji's Song. Dernier Souffle. La Danse Des Feux. La Mort De Tristan. Couvert De Gloire. Un Certain Passage. Pierre Et L'ange. On Top Of The Rain. Topasio, Part Two. Danse Of The Harlequin. Verstraete, F.

Posted by pollux at PM 6 comments:. Labels: , accordeon , French , Jazz , Orchestration. Everything should work stable now. Please report any encountered bugs. Zippyuploader update, Docs and Videos encoding performance boost. The only change is related to an increased file size limit of MB. Guitar blues rock trio. One guy solos on guitar while the others keep time sort of. No vocals to get in the way. Or melody either. Sounds more American in its approach. Amber Soundroom did manage to reissue this on LP before going belly up.

Not only is the album half German and half English, but some of it is recorded live and some in the studio. Talk about "cobbling something together" for a release. There was quite a few of these private semi-progressive "Deutschrock" albums from the early 80s, and Amuthon fit squarely in the middle.

A little Anyone's Daughter, s era Grobschnitt and Novalis, Wintauge, Profil, Grim Reaper, and, oh, about more obscurities few have heard and even fewer care about. It's certainly good, and non offensive German rock musik.

Anamorphose - Palimpseste France private. An active jazz rock album. Reminds me some of Abus Dangereux's first album as well as some of Yoch'ko Seffer's s works. Smoking rhythms! I prefer the flute lead material over the much more heavily used soprano sax.

Some great use of violin as well. Good album for the date considering the wasteland that was Jazz rock ensemble that reminds me some of Tantra, but perhaps more influenced by the bigger names of the day like Passport and Weather Report. First album has violin which definitely adds points. Could see the excellent Spanish label Guersson putting these out. Boots exist. Angipatch - Vie France private. Angipatch - Delirium France private. Angipatch's debut "Vie" is a fine example of the dramatic French progressive style ala Ange and Mona Lisa.

Of course, this is a more amateurish production, typical of the early s, but the effort is sincere and certainly worth seeking out. Perhaps Elohim's "Le Mana Perdu" would be a good reference. On "Delirium", Angipatch mixes neo prog with new wave synth pop and French vocals, and is quite a step down from the debut. On this title, I was reminded of Elixir's "Sabbat" album. Lightweight electric folk duo. Was scheduled to be reissued by Transubstans, but looks to be tabled for now.

Somewhat typical fusion of the day, primarily defined by the synth tones rather than the actual music content. The drummer definitely puts in a top performance. Occasionally the keyboardist will play a guitar like solo on one of his older analog synthesizers.

Also features a brilliant production. Overall, a bit too slick for me to lock horns with, but definitely recommended to fusion fans. To date, Silence hasn't licensed any of their work out there's now hope as Handjort was recently licensed. In time, they put this on CD, but it's been a long time since they've tackled their back catalog.

Maybe Mellotronen can talk them into a license or two? Features one of my all time favorite album covers! Another Roadside Attraction are yet another late 's band that has that "Midwest progressive rock" sound that I'm quite fond of, and is littered throughout these pages.

They feature the unusual lineup of two keyboardists, a drummer and a vocalist. The songs themselves have that slight FM radio slant that makes me a bit nostalgic. But the instrumental sections are right out of the classic ELP playbook. Like those albums, hyper active acoustic piano drives the compositions forward. Synthesizers tend to be the solo instrument of choice.

If ProgQuebec ever becomes ProgOntario, then perhaps they'll take on this one! The LP itself has the look and feel of your typical US private press and features neat cover art.

In the past year , via the Laser's Edge, I learned about this Latin rock band and their album "Sincerely Antique". It's quite excellent, and I've featured it on UMR.

I didn't realize they had a second album until yesterday end of It's definitely more pop focused, but there are at least 4 tracks that remind me of the debut. Probably out of scope, but worth mentioning for fans of "Sincerely Antique". Sounds more like what was happening with their fellow countrymen in the s Dutch scene with albums from Cosmic Dealer, The Outsiders, and Q Plenty of excellent fuzz guitar and soloing to enjoy here. All on top of some splendid older organ sounds.

The opening tracks on each side are instrumental, and represent the best material on the album. The vocals are in machismo English - with a gospel tinge.

Ex-Samla Mammas Manna guitarist performing an instrumental, and primarily Latin fusion album. Predictable, but well played. Nordic all-star fusion lineup, with all the expected sounds of the era. Apprentice - Rough Draft USA Mainstream Records not the Mainstream Records presumably Apprentice could be classified as a straight ahead fusion album, but it has just enough of an edge, especially in the 70's inspired guitar work, to add it here as a featured item.

There's no mistaking its s heritage though, especially noticeable in the thin sounding synthesizers, warm bass tones and slick production qualities. From the far south Chicago suburbs, comes the super obscure Ariel, an album that is just now making its sound heard worldwide. Early 80s Rush is the most obvious first influence, but there's more here than meets the ear as it were.

All instrumental guitar, keys, and drums are the core components, and the compositions are complex and tight - with a strong fusion influence. No escaping the King Crimson sound from the era either, but also surprisingly Doldinger's Passport, minus the sax imagine the sequencer heavy Moog lines for example. While Side 1 is impressive enough, the final three tracks do nothing short of wow the listener.

And they close with their peak composition, always a hallmark of a great album. Ariel does not belie its mid 80s sound despite the somewhat psych influenced guitar tone , and yet compared with the normal dreck from the era, the band proves the middle 80s were not a total wasteland heavy metal genre exempted of course. This one deserves the buzz its currently receiving in the underground.

Apparently this album is a full story represented in song. As such, it can be unbearably vocal heavy. In fact he wrote the lyrics for at least one Ange track, so the comparison is more than cursory. But the lack of instrumental breaks takes away any chance that non-French speakers will come out with anything but a Parisian Sunday-Morning-Comic-Book reading.

Strangely enough, there is some mellotron interspersed that might endure the odd specialist to the album. Aquarell, lead by two female vocalists, is pretty much a German language folk album with a straightforward rock approach. Some of this reminds me of late 70's Ougenweide, and there's plenty of dancing around the campfire festival singing going here too. In a couple of spots, the fluttering flute gave off a whiff of Jethro Tull, but not enough of that for the readers of this site I suspect.

They have a second album, and judging by the cover, looks dreadful. And yes, you can judge a book by its cover! Aquarelle - Live a Montreux Canada Atlantic.

My reviews here: Aquarelle This will probably get covered by ProgQuebec, as they've done a great job of documenting the Quebec scene. Sax and flute lead early English progressive rock.

Echoes of Diabolus especially and the debut albums of both Gravy Train and Raw Material come to mind. Fine organ solos with nice contrast provided by acoustic guitar. Multiple boots exist.

Arakontis — Live at the Quasimodo Germany Arakontis play a fine Latin fusion with some nice guitar driven melody lines, and a fair amount of electric piano. Not atypical for the time and place, and another good example of the style. Not as fusion oriented as Rozz and less Latin than To Be, but both albums provide guideposts of what you can expect from Arakontis. The albums listed here are the ones not on CD. Three of their titles not listed have been reissued by MNW prior.

Swedish folk is the backbone, and from there they mix in jazz, world music, folk and a little bit of rock. Mostly out of scope, but fans of the fringe elements of avant progressive will certainly enjoy these. Arc - Maquette France Game. It's a distinctly French form of rock, and for what it is, it's pretty good.

Don't expect Ange though. For their first album, Archimedes Badkar could be considered an alternative to Kebnekaise. Whereas the latter mixed Swedish folk with blues and psych rock, Archimedes Badkar took the folk music through the jazz rock blender. It's a fascinating fusion, and the ethnic components are out front, so they're quite serious about it.

The cover of Big Boy in space reminds me of the first Austin Powers movie. I doubt they had Big Boy's in Sweden in , so a bizarre sight indeed. Comes with a cool multi-page newspaper of lyrics and a postcard! There is a bootleg CD of this title. On the double LP second album, Archimedes Badkar moves from Swedish folk to that of India and Tibet though the homeland still is featured. Here the jazz and rock components are toned down a bit.

But with two albums to stretch over, the band has plenty of time to explore the various different creative avenues they set out for themselves. Archimedes Badkar were four years ahead of Embryo's landmark double LP "Embryo's Reise" for this kind of European jazz fusion east-west sound.

The second LP of the set goes for broke and the listener will experience a more experimental sound with hit and miss results. Archimedes Badkar's third album, the overtly titled "Tre", was reissued a few years back. For me, it's the weakest of the three albums but still good , though I know many folks disagree with my assessment.

Well known Italian pop star who got his start in the beat scene with I New Dada, and later formed Krisma with his wife Christina Moser. Like most Italian pop stars in the early s, they had to take their one crack at progressive rock, and here it is. Similar to Lucio Battisti's more adventurous works, which is say, it's pretty conservative singer songwriter rock oriented material. This is a new entry into the CD Reissue Wishlist, and comes as quite a surprise for me.

Then I was told their 's albums were different, so I got ahold of "Los Elementales" which is on CD , a highly rated fusion album from But while I thought it was good, it wasn't anything really that different or special. This is one of the best things I've heard in the last couple of years. It's a mite inconsistent, which is part of its charm I think.

Garden variety fusion with sax in the lead. Some fine fuzz soloing, but overall a bit of a snoozer. Instrumental medieval folk rock lead by the former guitarist from Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno and Samadhi. Reminds me of some of the bands coming out of Brittany during this time like Avel Nevez or an instrumental Malicorne. Very nicely played especially the violin , with just a bit too much gloss in the production to have any impact.

Minimum Vital would later take a similar approach though with Baroque as a blueprint and apply much more firepower. Still a very worthy piece and a surprising sound to come from Italy. Fine Boston based pop psych, though not indistinguishable from their peers. Not sufficient to meet the demand though. Wonderful major label Crimson styled prog - also some Shylock, Carpe Diem and Memoriance can be heard. Musea has tried to reissue this in the past, but Phonogram appears not interested. No one is going to get rich on this album, so might as well let the hobbyists have their fun!

Artport is the kind of album I find very pleasant to listen to. Perhaps not something I'll froth about, but is easy to appreciate their technical ability, melodies and composition style.

The main differentiator with Artport is the guitar is entirely acoustic. This is a very welcome sound in an all too predictable environment. You still get the 80s slap bass and sterilized shopping mall slickness - but the guitar is extraordinary. I can easily recommend this to private fusion collectors. Artport are from Minnesota, and the album is obscure, though not necessarily expensive. Apparently this was sponsored by the Asahi Optical Company for a multi-vision show presented throughout The Netherlands.

It's in effect a proto New Age music with flutes, piano, percussion, organ, etc Like most 70s albums in this field it's much rawer than the slick gloss that followed throughout the s and beyond.

As would be expected, the flow is very much like a soundtrack album. I had this on LP many years ago, and recently received a request to add here. In other words, they were dead-on for their time. Chicago based Ashby Ostermann Alliance is a good example of early 80s fusion mixed with a strong rock aesthetic. In fact the AOA album doesn't give that indication early.

It seems to be pointed in the direction of Latin Jazz, but about midway through Side 1, the guitarist begins to take over. Then the compositions take on more complex forms, and before you know it, you have a mighty fine progressive fusion album on your hands. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that these guys knew or played with fellow Chicagoan group Proteus. Association P. Guitarist Toto Blanke's experimental jazz rock group well really it would be drummer Pierre Courbois' band, since he's the P.

All of their albums are more towards "out jazz", with some rock elements interspersed throughout. The debut album was originally released under the band name Association Earwax, and is a bit more diverse. Some Soft Machine fuzz organ moments are offset by free rock and free jazz, as well as some more mellow late 60s jazz sounds.

But "Sun Rotation" goes beyond my personal realm of enjoyment at various times. But there are long stretches of free jazz here. It's not psychedelic, nor cosmic, nor spacey - but rather chaotic noise. Long drum solos, atonal shrieking, random tinkering of out of tune notes - whatever they feel like playing - whenever they feel like playing it. It's not controlled chaos either, but absolute free improvisation. There's an audience for this style, I just don't happen to be one of them - so I think it's only fair to mention it - as I'm rather certain I'm not the only one who doesn't like pure cacophony.

It's a pity that element is present here, as when they do catch a groove, it's quite exhilarating. Horrendously under produced music from Tulsa, OK, but a superbly complex progressive rock album lays behind the mess. A clean recording may take the grime off of this gem. Fantastic symphonic space rock.

A mixture of UK styled pop psych and one long progressive instrumental journey that makes up Side 2.

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  2. Vinyl; 15 CD; 2 Box Set; 2 Cassette; 1 All Media; Show more Format Description; LP; Album; 73 Reissue; 34 12" 33 Compilation; Show more Media Condition; Near Mint (NM or M-) 49 Very Good Plus (VG+) 34 Mint (M) 2 Very Good (VG) Year; Custom Range -Missing: Licorne II.
  3. Foehn Faëria Fœhn Loreleï Ludine Licorne I Nomade Licorne II Melba Rétrodroïde Faëria
  4. The Faerie Queene: Book II. A Note on the Renascence Editions text: This HTML etext of The Faerie Queene was prepared from The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Edmund Spenser [Grosart, London, ] by Risa Bear at the University of sinjuburaralyphetolasubteli.infoinfog: Licorne II · Album).
  5. Music is very good, where can I buy the soundtrack? Did I miss it on the store page?Missing: Licorne II.
  6. Nov 18,  · Faëria, an Album by Foehn. Released in (catalog no. CC ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Zeuhl, Jazz Fusion/5(1).
  7. Foehn - Faeria () Artist: Foehn Album: Faeria Date: Label: C.L.C. – CC Format: Vinyl, Album Country: France Style: Avant-Prog, Jazz-Rock, Jazz Fusion Bitrate: CBR kbps Size: MB Tracklist: A1. Foehn A2. Lorelei II (1) Citriq Lines (1) CJ Bolland (5).
  8. Band: Foehn. Genre: Jazz / Prog / Zeul Country: France Year: Audio codec: MP3 Riptype: tracks Bitrate: kbps Playtime: Tracklist: 01 Foehn 02 Lorelei 03 Ludine 04 Licorne I 05 Nomade 06 Licorne II 07 Melba 08 Retrodroide 09 Faeria 10 Tadji’s Song 11 Dernier Souffle. FREE DOWNLOAD LINKS. Direct download link. sinjuburaralyphetolasubteli.infoinfo

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