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Ill Brazil - Trishes & Whizz Vienna* - Fly Beattown! (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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However, this developed in tandem with the often positive reputation of the music as part of the wider rave scene and dancehall-based Jamaican music culture prevalent in London. By , whether as a reaction to, or independently of this cultural schism, some jungle producers began to move away from the ragga-influenced style and create what would become collectively labelled, for convenience, as drum and bass.

As the genre became generally more polished and sophisticated technically, it began to expand its reach from pirate radio to commercial stations and gain widespread acceptance circa — It also began to split into recognisable subgenres such as Hardstep , Jump up, Ragga, Techstep, and what was known at the time as Intelligent.

As more melodic and often Jazz-influenced subgenres of drum and bass called Atmospheric or Intelligent Blame music producer and Blu Mar Ten and JazzStep 4Hero , Roni Size gained mainstream appeal, additional subgenres emerged including techstep in , drawing influence from techno.

The popularity of drum and bass at its commercial peak ran parallel to several other genres native to the UK, including big beat and hard house. Towards the turn of the millennium, however, its popularity was deemed to have dwindled, as the UK garage offshoot known as speed garage yielded several hit singles.

Speed garage shared high tempos and heavy basslines with drum and bass, but otherwise followed the established conventions of "house music", with this and its freshness giving it an advantage commercially. The beats and tempo that define house are entirely different. This did cause further confusion in the presence of new house music of the mids being played alongside what was now being called garage.

Despite this, the emergence of further subgenres and related styles such as liquid funk brought a wave of new artists incorporating new ideas and techniques, supporting continual evolution of the genre. Drum and bass incorporates a number of scenes and styles, from the highly electronic, industrial sounds of techstep to the use of conventional, acoustic instrumentation that characterise the more jazz-influenced end of the spectrum.

Drum and bass could at one time be defined as a strictly electronic musical genre, with the only "live" element being the DJ's selection and mixing of records during a set.

B King have also been cited by producers as inspirations. Even modern avant-garde composers such as Henryk Gorecki have received mention.

One of his more famous basslines Reese — "Just Want Another Chance", Incognito Records, was indeed sampled on Renegade's Terrorist and countless others since, being known simply as the 'Reese' bassline. He followed these up with equally influential and bassline-heavy tracks in the UK hardcore style as Tronik House in — Another Detroit artist who was important to the scene was Carl Craig. The sampled-up jazz break on Craig's Bug in the Bassbin was also influential on the newly emerging sound.

DJs at the Heaven nightclub on "Rage" nights used to play it as fast as their Technics record decks would go, pitching it up in the process. By the late s and early s, the tradition of breakbeat use in hip hop production had influenced the sound of breakbeat hardcore , which in turn led to the emergence of jungle, drum and bass, and other genres that shared the same use of broken beats.

Dre , Mos Def , Beastie Boys and the Pharcyde are very often directly sampled, regardless of their general influence. Clearly, drum and bass has been influenced by other music genres, though influences from sources external to the electronic dance music scene perhaps lessened following the shifts from jungle to drum and bass, and through to so-called "intelligent drum and bass" and techstep. Some tracks are illegally remixed and released on white label technically bootleg , often to acclaim.

For example, DJ Zinc's remix of The Fugees ' " Ready or Not ", also known as "Fugee Or Not", was eventually released with the Fugees' permission after talk of legal action, though ironically, the Fugees' version infringed Enya 's copyright to an earlier song.

The Amen break was synonymous with early drum and bass productions but other samples have had a significant impact, including the Apache , Funky Drummer , "Soul Pride", "Scorpio" and " Think About It " breaks.

Of equal importance is the TR kick drum, an artificially pitch-downed or elongated bass drum sound sampled from Roland 's classic TR drum machine, and a sound which has been subject to an enormous amount of experimentation over the years. Many drum and bass tracks have featured more than one sampled breakbeat in them and a technique of switching between two breaks after each bar developed. Examples of this can be heard on mids releases such as J Majik 's "Your Sound".

A more recent commonly used break is the "Tramen", which combines the Amen break , a James Brown funk breakbeat " Tighten Up " or "Samurai" break and an Alex Reece drum and bass breakbeat. The relatively fast drum beat forms a canvas on which a producer can create tracks to appeal to almost any taste and often will form only a background to the other elements of the music.

The complex syncopation of the drum tracks' breakbeat is another facet of production on which producers can spend a very large amount of time. The Amen break is generally acknowledged to have been the most-used and often considered the most powerful break in drum and bass.

The genre places great importance on the bassline , in this case a deep sub-bass musical pattern which can be felt physically through powerful sound systems due to the low-range frequencies favoured. There has been considerable exploration of different timbres in the bass line region, particularly within techstep.

The bass lines most notably originate from sampled sources or synthesizers. Bass lines performed with a bass instrument, whether it is electric, acoustic or a double bass , are less common, but examples can be found in the work of artists such as Shapeshifter , Squarepusher , Pendulum , Roni Size and STS9. Atmospheric pads and samples may be added over the fundamental drum and bass to provide different feels.

These have included "light" elements such as ambient pads as found in ambient electronica and samples of jazz and world musics, or "dark" elements such as dissonant pads and sci-fi samples to induce anxiety in the dancer. Old-school DnB usually included an MC providing vocals. Some styles such as jazz influenced DnB also include melodic instruments soloing over the music. Drum and bass is usually between — BPM, in contrast to other breakbeat -based dance styles such as nu skool breaks , which maintain a slower pace at around — BPM.

A general upward trend in tempo has been observed during the evolution of drum and bass. Since around , drum and bass tempos have predominantly stayed in the — range. Recently, some producers have started to once again produce tracks with slower tempos that is, in the bpm range , but the mids tempo is still a hallmark of the drum and bass sound. A track combining the same elements broken beat, bass, production techniques as a drum and bass track, but with a slower tempo say BPM , might not be drum and bass, but instead may qualify as a drum and bass-influenced breakbeat track.

Many mixing points begin or end with a " drop ". The drop is the point in a track where a switch of rhythm or bassline occurs and usually follows a recognisable build section and breakdown. Sometimes, the drop is used to switch between tracks, layering components of different tracks, as the two records may be simply ambient breakdowns at this point.

Some DJs prefer to combine breakbeats, a more difficult exercise. Some drops are so popular that the DJ will "rewind" or "reload" or "lift up" the record by spinning it back and restarting it at the build. The drop is often a key point from the point of view of the dance floor, since the drum breaks often fade out to leave an ambient intro playing.

When the beats re-commence they are often more complex and accompanied by a heavier bassline, encouraging the crowd to begin dancing. Drum and bass exhibits a full frequency response which can sometimes only be fully appreciated on sound systems which can handle very low frequencies, including sub-bass frequencies that are often felt more than heard.

As befits its name, the bass element of the music is particularly pronounced, with the comparatively sparse arrangements of drum and bass tracks allowing room for basslines that are deeper than most other forms of dance music. Consequently, drum and bass parties are often advertised as featuring uncommonly loud and bass-heavy sound systems.

There are however many albums specifically designed for personal listening. The DJ mix is a particularly popular form of release, with a popular DJ or producer mixing live, or on a computer, a variety of tracks for personal listening.

Additionally, there are many albums containing unmixed tracks, suited for home or car listening. Many musicians have adapted drum and bass to live performances, which feature instruments such as drums acoustic or electronic , samplers , synthesizers , turntables , bass either upright or electric and guitars acoustic or electric. Samplers have also been used live by assigning samples to a specific drum pad or key on drum pads or synthesizers.

MCs are frequently featured in live performances. Smaller scenes within the drum and bass community have developed and the scene as a whole has become much more fractured into specific subgenres, which have been grouped [45] into "light" influenced by ambient , jazz , and world music and "heavy" influenced by industrial music , sci-fi , and anxiety styles, including:.

Born around the same time as jungle, breakcore and digital hardcore share many of the elements of drum and bass and to the uninitiated, tracks from the extreme end of drum and bass may sound identical to breakcore thanks to speed, complexity, impact and maximum sonic density combined with musical experimentation. German drum and bass DJ The Panacea is also one of the leading digital hardcore artists.

Raggacore resembles a faster version of the ragga-influenced jungle music of the s, similar to breakcore but with more friendly dancehall beats dancehall itself being a very important influence on drum and bass. There is considerable crossover from the extreme edges of drum and bass, breakcore, darkcore, digital hardcore and raggacore with fluid boundaries.

Intelligent dance music IDM is a form of art music based on DnB and other electronic dance musics, exploring their boundaries using ideas from science, technology, contemporary classical music and progressive rock, often creating un-danceable, art gallery style music. The genre has influenced many other genres like hip hop , big beat , house music , trip hop , ambient music , techno , rock and pop , with artists such as Bill Laswell , Incubus , Pitchshifter , Linkin Park , The Roots , Talvin Singh , MIDIval Punditz , Missy Elliott , The Freestylers , Bowery Electric , Nine Inch Nails , David Bowie the last two both using elements of Goldie's "Timeless" [ citation needed ] and others quoting drum and bass and using drum and bass techniques and elements.

Recently created in the United States is a genre called ghettotech which contains synth and basslines similar to drum and bass. Drum and bass is dominated by a small group of record labels. Prior to , the major international music labels such as Sony Music and Universal had shown very little interest in the drum and bass scene, with the exception of some notable signings, including Pendulum 's In Silico LP to Warner.

Roni Size's label played a big, if not the biggest, part in the creation of drum and bass with their dark, baseline sounds. V Recordings also played a large part of the development of drum and bass. RAM Records has been pushing the boundaries of drum and bass further into the mainstream with artists such as Chase and Status and Sub Focus.

Now defunct labels, include Rob Playford 's Moving Shadow , running from until , which played a pivotal role in the nineties drum and bass scene, releasing records by artists such as Omni Trio. Originally drum and bass was mostly sold in inch vinyl single format.

With the emergence of drum and bass into mainstream music markets, more albums, compilations and DJ mixes started to be sold on CDs. As digital music became more popular, websites focused on electronic music, such as Beatport , began to sell drum and bass in digital format. As of 11 September , Nu Urban ceased trading and RSM Tenon were instructed to assist in convening statutory meetings of members and creditors to appoint a liquidator.

I have two crates of different London pressings of these albums, but I'm still going to get this, simply because they are my five favourite albums, all categories. It looks very nice too, love the Nudie design artwork, really hope they are well mastered.

DoF likes this. Location: Panama. Szeppelin75 , May 12, Location: Midwest. Last edited: May 12, Location: ohio. No self-respecting, licensed male didn't have at least Tres Hombres , in his car in What I like about this release, besides the music itself, is that it is the first retrospective release to focus solely on the 70's London Records era, hope that is a good sign for the future. DoF and artfromtex like this.

Location: Irmo, SC. I met a Shiek from Mozambique! Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina. Hoffman's Tres Hombres is killer! PTgraphics , May 12, Location: Eastern Iowa.

MikeInFla likes this. Location: Simi Valley, CA. Just pre-ordered at SoundStageDirect. Cut Up Patent Ochsner peak position: 1 — total weeks: Rtj4 Run The Jewels peak position: 84 — total weeks: 1.

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Jimmy Smith - Jimmy Smith At The Organ (Volume 2) (LP, Album, Mono) Label: Blue Note Cat#: BLP Media Condition: Media: Good (G) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Good Plus (G+) [NEW LOW PRICE APRIL 15] some pretty heavy marks on Side 2, top seam beginning to split, mild laminate peeling. View Release Page: Seller: philadelphiamusic.

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