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A Different Kind Of Stripped Down (A Different Kind Of Tease) - Jen Schande - 19 Songs For And Inspired By Valencia: Chapter 19 (Vinyl, LP)

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Paris, France The Cut: A classic bob She's an expert on the subject. You can check out the visual for "Pull Up" above. It appears as though Kate Moss is switching things up stylistically, yet again.

Last night in London, Moss was spotted leaving Mr. Chow, after celebrating the opening of hairstylist Sam McKnight's The supermodel has an arsenal of unexpected styling tricks at her fingertips, and yesterday she called on a trend that has been percolating for the past few seasons, namely fishnet tights. The look was on the runways for Fall at Balmain, Max Mara, and Jeremy Scott, and has been gaining traction in the world of street style, too.

For her part, Moss kept things simple, using the textured hosiery to amp up her party dress and rock star fringed booties. The post Kate Moss Read More 2. Hillary Clinton is nothing if not prepared. Instructions 1. Start with a round bamboo purse handle available at most craft-supply stores or online at www.

We made two dreamcatchers, one 11" in diameter and one 7" in diameter. To create the web within the ring, take 7 — 9 yards of wax cord for an 11" handle 3 — 5 yards for a 7" handle , and knot one end around a point on the hoop. Loop the cord once tightly around the hoop, and tie a knot 1" away from your starting point.

Then, to begin forming the web, make the next round of stitches not on the rim but through the center of each knotted section. Repeat this step, working your way around and around, expanding your web to the center of the hoop. Keep the cord taut, but not too tight or your dreamcatcher will warp. You can either decorate the excess cord and let it hang, or you can cut it off at the knot. To decorate your dreamcatcher, attach beads, feathers, shells, or gems to lengths of suede cord and tie them to the hoop.

Tie several inches of cord around the top of the catcher, hang it above your bed, and sleep like a baby. She attributed most of her vava-verve to exercise, lots of potassium, and doing everything herself. Combine 1 cup chopped dates, 1 cup boiling water, and 1 tsp. Pour the mixture into a greased 8-inch Springform pan, and bake for 45 minutes at degrees. Serve the pudding in slices smothered in warm sauce for a taste that screams glamour despite its peasant-girl appearance. But rather than give up on the idea, the duo came up with a solution: using recycled water bottles, they created a vertical garden that hangs in a window and can produce veggies year round.

Now you can tap their DIY ingenuity to sow an indoor crop of your own. The water then trickles down a root system stored in hanging, nested water bottles. With 25 plants to a 4' x 6' window, their harvest yields an impressive weekly salad of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, okra, basil, and peppers. Best of all, they tell you exactly how to make one yourself at WindowFarms. At Our. The women see window farms as a starting point for environmental reform.

But when I started drumming in a band, I plunged into that world anyway to increase my endurance, speed, and agility. Location, Location, Location: When it comes to choosing a gym, close to home is not always best.

Places where regular folks exercise can make you feel more comfortable than hot spots packed with models and executives cruising each other. Get Over Yourself: One of the hardest hurdles to overcome is the feeling that everyone is looking at you because of your size. Take it from me: the vast majority of gym-goers are way too selfobsessed to give you much thought. Step aerobics making you blue in the face?

Yoga pose feel impossible? Just stretch until you can jump back in. Donate your time to a good cause by helping young girls through one of these cool organizations. Girls Incorporated www. Girls on the Run www. These recipes require nothing more from your guests than a hearty appetite and a napkin.

Cut off the top and scoop out the insides of each one. Fry a package of bacon turkey or tempeh bacon works too until crispy. Fill your tomatoes with this and top with a drizzle of mayo. These can be made up to a half hour before serving but no earlier, as they can get soggy.

Brush them with olive oil and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Bake in the oven at degrees until crispy. Toss them together with a few dashes of olive oil and a heaping handful of fresh chopped basil, then salt and pepper to taste.

For the pulled chicken, marinate 4 or 5 boneless chicken breasts overnight in a few shots of barbecue sauce, a shot each of Worcestershire, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil, fresh ground pepper, a few pinches of garlic powder, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Then bake at degrees until cooked through 40 minutes to an hour. Save all the drippings from the baking pan and pour over your pulled chicken. Start by taking a piece of scrap yarn, approximately 12", and tie the ends together, creating a loop. With your upright spindle in hand, wrap the yarn around the dowel below the whorl and secure it with a slip knot. This is your leader yarn; pull it up and over the whorl and through the hook.

Then park the spindle between your knees. This is called drafting. Then wind it onto the spindle below the whorl. Move your non-dominant hand to travel the twist upward over both ends, securing them together. Remove the leader yarn, and tie the ends of your new yarn together.

To keep it from getting tangled while you set the twist, tie thread around it in several different places before you pull it off the chair back. To set the twist, wet the skein, wring out excess water, and hang dry, weighting the bottom loop with a few coat hangers. When the yarn is fully dry, twist it until the skein folds back on itself, then pull one loop through the other. COM] For instructions on how to spin yarn with a wheel, go to www.

The proper form can come later. It would, the principal reassured the. I think I might know of one who managed to get away. Or no TV. Like this is some novel threat. The Suzuki method. My second-grade classmates and I logged a lot of quality time with Cuisenaire Rods, a hands-on math system whose bright colors and functional design presaged the rise of Ikea. Back when the American public still believed we were on the brink of forced conversion to kilograms and milliliters, Cuisenaire rods represented the Great Metric Hope.

As a result, I am incapable of guesstimating anything in inches. I blame myself, but not nearly as much as I blame the Board of Ed. Some of my peers looked a bit jumpy when the concept was introduced to us at a long ago curriculum night, but I lapped it up faster than Microsoft Word spell-checking super-. As it now stands, even when the word is printed at the top of the page, he misspells it, as a subtle Fuk U to anyone who would make him write three sentences.

Come on. They can be about dinosaurs. The leather gloves are vintage as well; I thrifted them in Vermont. Michael Kors, eh? I thought your wardrobe was thrifted.

Tell me about that incredible hat and cape. I made the little hat, from faux-bois print fabric. I also made the cape, from a piece of hand-felted, naturally dyed wool. Do you have a background in fashion? What inspires you? Does being an artist affect what you choose to wear?

Rocking a reckless mix of bright colors and bold animal prints, she hit a striking balance between sweet and slutty. Using her captivating laugh and honeyed drawl, she killed everyone with kindness, unless, of course, she was killing them with gunshots, all in the name of love. Grab these Alabama-inspired goods, and tap into your inner tart by adding a little Romance to your life.

Not to mention it smells amazing! But this scrub is perfectly gentle. Feel the burn! This toner was a great addition to my morning routine, and it left my face feeling fresh and clean all day. Just remember to moisturize afterward.

This toner got my face superclean—no grime or makeup in sight. It also left a pleasant tingly feeling on my skin but made my face a little too tight and dry for me to use it every day. It smelled a little funky like a very pungent garden center , but this toner chilled out my blemishy skin. Sweeping the green stuff over my just-washed face left me feeling cool, clean, and light. This mud mask takes some time to apply, though, and girls with superthick hair like mine will need a lot of it to coat from root to tip.

After rinsing it out, my locks were soft and completely tangle-free—a major perk for a lazy person with long hair. My hair is oily, and conditioning treatments usually add to the problem. But the natural magic of this mask made my tresses soft and silky, not greasy or weighed-down. As a sweaty girl, natural deodorant products usually turn me off.

However, this stick actually worked…for a couple of hours. I had to reapply during the day, but I felt good using something natural. After a liberal application, I was in the clear for a good hour. But when the sweat came, so did the smellies.

Without a perfume to cover my natural odor, the B. But smelling your aroma on someone else is like showing up to a party in the same dress. So why not create your own affordable, custom scent? These instructions are for a three-note, single-chord perfume, perfect for getting started. Go to www. For an earthy, citrus scent, try bergamot top , heliotrope heart , and a musk base. Jojoba oil or other scentless, vegetable-based carrier oil ; pipettes or glass droppers one for each oil ; an empty clean!

A basic perfume chord requires 2 parts base note, 1 part heart note, and 1 part top note. Do not reuse pipettes—this will crosscontaminate your raw materials. Once your oils are blended, cap your container, label it with the date, and walk away. Let it sit for at least one week, to give the chemical compounds time to marry. Put your concoction somewhere dark and cool, like your medicine cabinet or fridge, for best results. Open your perfume and smell. Like it? Now you can dilute it.

Add your carrier oil and repeat step 3. Now let your perfume rest for 3 to 4 weeks. Smell it, love it, wear it! A downtown venue may host Joanna Newsom one day and a gun show the next. But the must-hit spot is DuPont State Forest, just 40 miles southwest. All its trails, which range from easy to challenging, lead to one of three epically beautiful waterfalls.

Back in town, head west down Haywood Rd. Stop in to the Westville Pub Haywood Rd. Though popular with the local artist crowd, BoBo hosts all types of folks and, depending on the evening, you may catch a poetry slam, a puppet show, or a healthy dose of belly-dancing. This classic dive also has an upstairs space for late-starting shows that lean heavily toward local indie rock and punk bands.

Sit on the covered patio upstairs, and watch the drama of the evening unwind below. The Billboard Music Awards were jam packed with stellar performances from some of the hottest stars in music.

But despite the insanely awesome lineup, there were definitely a few performances Relive the night or catch up on what you missed with our recap of 12 of our favorite … Read More Madonna's performance was an inadequate tribute to Prince's life and legacy.

The Talos Principle, one of the best puzzle games around, is seemingly getting a sequel sometime soon Read More Netflix in June means the return of Orange is the New Black, a new Voltron animated series, the first three Jurassic Park movies, and more.

Uncharted 4 surpasses 2. How could they? Fortunately, I was able to shift. I watched and really listened ro each man as he told his story. Men can begin the program at any point in the curriculum, so each group has members who have been there from one to 27 weeks. Each of them had a unique view of violence, of their own past, the decisions they made that brought them to the group, and of the group itself. Ten men who could, in the future, choose to not use violence.

As it turned out, they were hiring. T hat was almost a year ago. Men must first become accountable lor their actions and then examine the beliefs and intents that motivate them. Baby-Back rH Sif' w. Some men are clearly bullshitting just to get through it.

Violence is deeply em bedded in the culture. Additionally, m any o f these men were victims o f abuse and violence in their childhood and are perpetuating the cycle.

And while you're there, take the opportunity to "make a difference" by volunteering a little time to mentor kids!

Your college education may be closer than you think. With tuition costs constantly rising, the price o f a college education may seem out of sight.

The Vermont Army National Guard offers tuition assistance to those who quality. The Vermont Army National Guard can help you. Steve R. T hen about a m onth ago, som ething shifted. Brian had been in my W ednesday night group. Eventually, I realized there was a purpose and I needed to learn som ething.

A nd I feel I am doing som ething — however small — to help them. But the tru th is, I w ork w ith men who have been convicted o f dom estic assault; they have been violent to w om en. W hile each o f them has the option to stop, some of them may not. By Flip B rown wenty years ago, a guy could get fired for looking at porn on the job, but it required some effort. The vast majority of those clients are men. T he average age was N o gender specifics were reported. Web usage is accounted for.

However, there are gender differences in preferred sites: W omen tend to access chat rooms and shopping sites, while men are more drawn to pornography and day trading. So are men more susceptible to destructive on-line addictions? South Burlington psychologist Tyler Gould, 45, thinks so. Gould brings appropriate experience to the challenge. Chat rooms, pornography and day trading are the three main areas of Internet abuse Gould has seen in his clients.

English translation? Where house calls are not a thing o f the p a s t Serving graphics professionals, printers, advertising agencies, print publications, residential clients, virtually any creative people who appreciate the advantages of the Apple Computer.

A wide variety of sizes and colors. Fantasy relationships via chat rooms or pornography are equally self-delusional. You can escape into the day-trading thing the same way. O n a larger scale, Gould is somewhat pessimistic. Not surprisingly, help for Internet addictions is available on-line.

Another resource is the Centerfor Internet Studies at www. Most of the Internet-addicted men Gould works with seem to be dealing with a kind o f inner conflict that is temporarily assuaged — but ultimately exacerbated — by the temptations of the Internet.

Limited on-site parking, shuttle service available. Come early! Rain or shine. Tax and applicable service charges additional. Date and time subject to change. With his fourth recording,. Check out the latest incarnation live this Saturday at Club Metronome. New York singersongwriter Bruce Henderson opens. Times Cafe, p. Cafe, 6 p.

Sold out. This Sunday at Higher Ground. Admission is selective. Application deadline July Higher Ground, 9 p. Red Square, p. Alley Cats, 41 King St. Backstage Pub, 60 Pearl St. Breakwaters Cafe, King St. Dock, Burlington, Bridge St. Cafe, Richmond, Burlington Coffeehouse at Rhombus, College St.

Cactus Cafe, 1 Lawson Ln. Cafe Delilah, 38 Elm St. Capitol Grounds, 45 State St. Champion's, 32 Main St. Jeff Trombley, , ext. Bella, 28 N. Main St. Albans, City Limits, 14 Greene St. Vergennes, Club Metronome, Main St. Club , St. Paul St. Cobbweb, Sandybirch Rd. Daily Bread, Bridge St. Dockside Cafe, Battery, Burlington, Edgewater Pub, Malletts Bay Ave.

Flynndog, Flynn Ave. Flynn Theatre, Main St. Franny 0's Queen City Pk. Gallagher's, Rt. G Stop, 38 Main St. Henry's, Holiday Inn, Williston Rd. Burlington, Higher Ground, 1 Main St. Horn of the Moon Cafe, 8 Langdon St. Mad Mountain Tavern, Rt. Matterhorn, Mountain Rd. Millennium Nightclub, Church St. The Mountain Roadhouse, Mountain Rd. Pickwick's, Ye Olde England Inne, Nectar's, Main St.

Otter Creek Tavern, Main St. Rasputin's, Church St. Red Square, Church St. Rhombus, College St. Ruben James, Main St. Rusty Nail, Mountain Rd. Sandbar Restaurant, Rt. Sha-Booms, 45 Lake St,, St. The Slammer, Rt. Winooski Ave. Strike Zone, Waterbury Lanes, Rt. Sweetwaters, Church St. Thirsty Turtle, 1 S. Three Needs, College St. Trackside Tavern, 18 Malletts Bay Ave. Tuckaway's, Sheraton, Williston Rd.

The Village Cup, 30 Rt. Villa Tragara, Rt. Tax and applicable seivice charges ad ditional. Date and tim e subject to change. Just ask Patti Casey. The year-old Vermont singer-songwriter — on the heels of releasing her masterful Under Different Skies CD — recently won the prestigious Texas competition.

About 60 miles northwest of San Antonio, in the hill section of the otherwise flat-asa-pancake state, the Kerrville Folk Festival carries on for 18 days, is attended by some 10, music lovers, and receives around entries from wannabe contestants, which the jury whittles down to 32 finalists. But they waited half an hour and put me back on. The [audience] was nice and clean. Under different skies, indeed. But for the last eight weeks or so, WCAX arts reporter Brian Byrnes has done just that — and put talking, singing, functional Vermont musicians on the aptly.

Those join the already scheduled Tra g ically Hip August 5. Finally, an outdoor concert series! Pray for sun. For fans of Irish music of any doing Irish music. That, it appears, is what Professor Fairbanks, a. The disc ends with a Sweet Honey in the tional genres — more on that in a minute.

A Folk Insurrection, that is. Hmmm, sounds like closet crooners should apply. Most of the response has been positive, he says. I hope people will tune in.

Call him at WCAX, Ekis Band pictured and much more. Ages Funded in part by Victoria Buffum. Sign interpretation by advance request. Seven Days recommends you confirm all calendar events, as times and dates may change after the paper is printed. Good Times Cafe, Hinesburg, p. Info, Register, Press show and discuss slides of their work.

Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, p. Johnsbury Athenaeum, 6 p. McClure Multigenerational Center, Burlington, p. First Unitarian Universalist Society, Burlington, p. Hoyts Nickelodeon, Burlington, a. Vermont Community Botanical Garden, S. Burlington, p. Town Hall, Charlotte, 5 p. Move over, Ellen Degeneres. Lea DeLaria was the First openly lesbian comictcr appear on national television, in Friday, June Flynn Theatre, Burlington, p.

Saturday, June Burlington College, 7 p. One of five new exhibitions open now at Shelburne Museum.. Open 10 a. Accommodations for people with disabilities. Museum cafe and store open. The unique characters of historical places are preserved by these societies — so a trip to the Vermont History Expo is a little like a whirlwind tour of the entire state.

History talks, Abenaki and contra dances, Franco-American singing and a live performance of The Loggerkcc'p some things in the present tense. Sharon Jones is the Tina Turner of a new generation. No stranger to the Supernatural Amphitheatre, she owns the stage — lunging, prowling and feline — like no other act at the festival. The Dap-Kings drag you back to a time gone by where music floods the streets and impromptu jam sessions spring up on neighbourhood corners. The combination makes you feel like you accidentally stumbled into a Blues Brothers fi lm set and scored a role as a backing dancer.

To mention Dirty Three and Meredith in the same sentence is enough to give you chills. Their performance is flawless, impassioned, immediate, awe-inspiring. They hold nothing back. They are proud to be associated with the festival that sticks it as far up the mainstream as themselves and it shows. Dark, twisted beats flow up the sides of the amphitheatre and into the impressionable ears of tent-bound sleepers.

At ground zero though, the Melbourne shuffle is in full fl ight. Chemical and natural enhancers abound, and dinner-plate eyes head into the abyss of a late, late-night Saturday session. Until Tennessee hotties Those Darlins hit the stage, the festival had felt a little light-on in the area of grimy rock. Their three- and four-part harmonies and straight-up, three-chord assault set the stage on fi re. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble hit the stage with horns — one so large the dude has to wear it — and educate the Sunday Meredith crowd as to what a goddamn party looks like.

All brothers, the eight take the prize for best-looking group of the festival and pulse out some fi ne rhythms and fun-time party tunes, grinning widely and lapping up the unbroken attention of a dishevelled audience.

To those who whimpered off early, tails between their legs, we say: you missed the performance of the festival. Sucked in. The last of the bedraggled, broken and bearded boys and girls trundle past the remains of tents and gazebos to their cars, and we drive home knowing we gave it everything.

Little Red hit the stage at midnight, with the crowd ready for some primetime Friday night rocking. The setlist.

That it did, the band coming away with a major booking deal and enough interest to head back next year for the aforementioned festival run. Once this was done, it was home to Melbourne and back into the writing phase to put together the follow-up to their debut, Love Your Band, released last year.

The group played headline shows around Australia and played with some of their heroes including The Cruel Sea and Steve Kilbey. The Demon Parade now want to thank all their hometown friends and fans as they invite you to get hot and sweaty in the intimate confines of the Workers Club this Saturday. More importantly, there will also be free beer.

Even with all this summer rain you can feel that the dancing Belinda Carlisle style ie. The band will be playing all and only new songs off their recently recorded, soon to be remixed record, Sandhurst Town, to be released by Departed Sounds. Not with the band though, they just love Traralgon. Anyone is welcome to use the house guitar, but you can take your own if you want to, otherwise take your plectrums, vocal chords or any other instrument you wish to play.

To register go to the Facebook page, or the bendigohotel. Pre-registration at the venue is also available, but get in early! Head down and support your fellow musos, offer feedback and best of all, grab some cheap jugs ahoy! Entry is free from 7. After a quiet year on the live scene, Melbourne balladeers The Winter Migration are farewelling with a bang.

The group report that it is a tribute to the iconic Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station and Japanese volcanoes. The gigs at the Edinburgh Castle come in anticipation of their upcoming album, Loom. The band play from 4pm until 6pm in the front bar; entry is free.

Limited tickets are still available, however the show is close to selling out so get in quick. This intimate gig will be your chance to see Hanlon in solo mode and hear stripped back versions of songs from his critically acclaimed album I Will Love You At All. I imagine the feeling in the band is good.

Regardless, the band knuckled down and came up with the tracks which will make up Attention Shoppers, due for release early next year. It was exhausting. We found that, anyway. Come along and make them feel welcome, as they reproduce for you their electronic sound, but with live instruments. He can drum, strum, sing and now mix up a party frenzy! Everything he touches turns to gold; from his dazzling debut to every perfectly syncopated Parades drum beat so get down and dancing this week and hopefully a little Boulet magic rubs off on us all!

Dishing out your fi x of live music this week will be Dancing Heals and after the drums are packed up and the guitarist has stolen the biggest babe from you Wildlife DJs, Em-Sem, Poncho DJz, Nouveau Riche and Lukewarm will keep the freshest party tracks blaring through the speakers until the trams start running again! For more details and to win a copy head to boundarysounds.

Dan Webb is capping off a massive year by playing a month-long residency at the Evelyn Hotel. The band have been on an extended hiatus since mid whilst various members have been scattered abroad. They were reunited in Spain earlier this year for a big, bewildering ad campaign for beer , which subsequently led to their song Applejack spending a few months around the top of the Spanish iTunes charts.

Get too drunk, snog the boss, photocopy your arse, dance like a monkey on drugs, snog a monkey on drugs, fall over. Or get along to the Weekender Indie Office Party and have a great time! Step Into My Office Baby! Bands taking the stage include the very talented Mr Matt Glass with band supporting poptastic outift The Coincidents. Because it is. A rare night of song and poetry is in store, with unique sounds, soothing harmony and delicate emotion.

Help her kick off her national tour and celebrate a successful year. Music starts from 2pm. Playing more than shows both nationally and internationally including extensive tours of the USA and Canada, this road-hardened mob know how to get any room of people on their feet and skanking to their skainfused beats.

Emerging from the juices of an inspired fine-art project, The Cape Cod Affair promise to arouse through their atmospheric, erotic electro and under-the-sheets beats at Revolver this Thursday. Never too shy to mention the juicy details of lovers intertwined, the band will tease you through coy foreplay to an unforgettable climax. Support tonight comes from Delivery Boy and Scale Models. Now, Albare will showcase his latest album, Travel Diary, with a national tour in early The latest album consists of ten original tracks, all composed by Albare himself, and features his band of exceptional musicians who will join him on the road: Joe Chindamo piano accordion and Rob Burke sax , backed by a world class rhythm section.

After their massive nine-week, show European tour where they played on a Dutch rooftop, inside an Austrian mountain and on a German ship, The Night Terrors have assembled some of the raddest noise makers in their beloved home town for their last show of the year. Entry is free gold coin donation appreciated and the Popboomerang crew are planning special giveaways, raffles and merchandise items.

So lock in this date, block out all other offers and let Popboomerang kick-start your Christmas cheer. More info at popboomerang. Gather at the Arthouse this Thursday for a night of torpedoes, venom, goats and beast.

Animal love will continue with Disgruntled Goat plying their grunge-influenced wares. Venomartyr follow, guaranteeing a set of metallic ear-splitting brutality, while Damn The Torpedoes will close, finally sinking this unholy ship with their distinctive brand of garage punk.

Go shake like seaweed and a feather. His songs are crafted examples of superb character driven, narrative songwriting. Epic and understated both at once, Microflora will completely captivate you.

Galleon play the Workers Club this Friday. Adelaide is a relatively small scene and we were aware of one another and a couple of us were mates, so we kind of formed Galleon from the ashes of these old bands almost two years back. Our first single from the album was Kamikaze, and the one we are touring on now is In Stereo.

Playing with the likes of Radiohead, The Killers or Oasis would also be cool. If our drummer was answering these questions he would say Weezer.

Thankfully, however, we live in and some genius invented the iPod. I was taught how to cook this from a year-old Italian nonna. Have you heard of Orlando? Drunk activists — scary. We were only checking in one guitar each. The drive from Sydney Airport to Wollongong is like driving down from the mountains. It had stopped raining, but was so misty we could barely see 15 metres in front of us.

Matt Bailey the former bass player of Paradise Motel is currently mixing his second solo record, which is due for release early next year. Although we were all happy the sun was finally out. Need a spanking?

Doors open at 9pm. Adelaide-based indie rock four-piece Galleon have just announced the release of their brand new single, In Stereo, and accompanying East Coast launch shows. Doors at 8pm. We put a dozen songs together and decided it was working so we recruited Aron [guitar and vocals] in July, and finally Brendon [bass] in September.

I reckon: epic, melodic, quirky, real. The band has been mangling flesh and microphone leads solidly since the launch of their self-released debut EP, Washed Up, and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Doors open at 8. No sun has ever made it into to the Old Manly Boatshed. We meet up with [support act] Leena at Brisbane airport. Leena seems quite comfortable to be jumping in a car with two strangers. The bouncer was right. The Boatshed only holds but it felt like more. Maybe drunk people just take up more room. After the first set Jarrad, Craig and I went upstairs for some air. There were two guys trying to argue their way inside.

One was obviously and dramatically drunk. The other, while relatively sober, was dressed like a clown, with an oversized top hat on. We took wagers on who would be the one to make it in. Pink Floyd — just because. By the time we made it to Melbourne Airport it had stopped raining. Craig has a knack for it. Over the years he must have saved us thousands of dollars.

Everyone in the band has their speciality. Tickets from the venue. We were all hungry when we reached Toowoomba. Only half of this review turned out to be accurate. She covered up her name tag when I asked for her surname. She told us it was Cook and I remembered a joke about. The night very nearly got out of hand. One lady requested we play a Mr Big song before tripping on the fold-back speaker and falling face first on to the stage, spilling scotch and coke all over my delay pedal.

But when she picked herself up she had a different look on her face, and I could tell she knew I was lying. The evening kicks off at 8. So kick up the dust and shoot at the moon as these three bands drive you all night into an alt. Man, I like your Foster [sic], but sometimes the government gets to it. They do! Man, sometimes it tastes good, but sometimes it tastes like someone put their dick in it.

The government opens the bottles. Picture the scene: a long, narrow dive bar where the ceiling is low enough to touch and the walls are covered with yellowing photos and a couple of curling posters of jazz greats — Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, various others.

Eventually, the band start without the drummer, who sneaks in abashedly halfway through the set. The highlight is a dapper old gentleman with a suit, a flat cap and a slide trombone — he must be at least 70, and here he is at 2am, blowing soulful melody lines at the most strangely, endearingly unpretentious place in Manhattan. An hour later, the place is showing no sign of slowing down and we decide that five hours of jazz is enough.

Winter is really here. Her Magic Dirt bandmate Dean Turner co-produced the opening title track before he sadly passed away last year. This song goes for almost seven minutes but never feels overlong.

These recordings are raw without being devoid of melody. Bodes well for her debut solo album, due out in the new year. These ladies really brought it to Queenscliff Music Festival this year so I was eager to see how their act translated to recorded format.

The Nymphs sing into old school radio mics! Go check them out for yourself this Saturday night at the Builders Arms. Their dressmaker should also be commended.

There are definitely disparate forces at work here and Aussie pronunciation sits right out there. Tyler Kuulberg repeats his basslines with mathematical precision. Additional vocals are used to great effect in Seven Seconds, particularly in the intro and outro.

But, dudes! Harmonica is welcomed during The Story and adds an extra dose of rustic charm. After a busy spell on the road promoting their debut album, The Bon Scotts are going to be nestling in at the Builders Arms on Fridays, playing some of their toe-tapping sing-alongs to help you get over your Christmas blues. They play from 6pm until 8pm in the front bar; entry is free. So call your lawyer, rob your dealer and prepare to spend Christmas in prison because this will not end well.

Well, not just that — drink specials, free champagne with ticket, chillout stairway bar, outdoor smoking section, brilliant fun! Spawned in a forest enriched with arcane soundscapes, streams of distortion and anthropological questions; an existential voice has emerged. Rainbird is a perfect example of life imitating art, as a blend of charisma and mystique soaks into a blend of electricblues and prog-rock.

The album is due out early next year. Get on down and get merry! This Friday, jump that horse, win that punt and join in a party that promises a killer line-up as Clavians play alongside the emphatic pop rock symmetry of The No Real Need, the postpunk fury of Death Valley Band and the indie goodness of The Villains Lair. Bands kick off at 9pm. The first 50 punters get a limited edition single CD and a big bucket of scuzzy love. Since their humble beginnings as a two-piece blues band, The Beat Brothers have developed their sound into something, well… massive.

See them as a four-piece playing the songs from their second EP plus a bunch of new ones. Doors at 9pm. Prior to the release of the album, Laucirica was selected to support Mark Lanegan on each night of his Australian tour. Since its official release, Early Summer has garnered excellent reviews a considerable amount of recognition and airplay with the first single from the album, This World Can Make You Happy, recently added to high rotation on Triple J.

Now in their 16th year, Pet Rocks have wound their way via Auckland and Sydney to now being a Brunswick-based band. The constant throughout has been songwriter Nick Kreisler. This Sunday they roll over to Fitzroy to play the Builders Arms as part of their mini residency, supported by Omar Pervaiz.

Expect slacker indie rock, with a literate vibe, from this cracking four-piece band, performing songs from their critically acclaimed album Wayward Ways, as well as some tasty new tunes.

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Jul 17,  · 19 - Songs for and Inspired By Valencia: Chapter 19, an album by Jen Schande on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics sinjuburaralyphetolasubteli.infoinfoed on: July 17,

8 Replies to “A Different Kind Of Stripped Down (A Different Kind Of Tease) - Jen Schande - 19 Songs For And Inspired By Valencia: Chapter 19 (Vinyl, LP)”

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  2. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Jen Schande - 19 Songs For And Inspired By Valencia: Chapter 19 at Discogs. Complete your Jen Schande collection.5/5(1).
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